disorder of movement

Paper instructions:
Choice of one essay out of six

1.Choose one disorder of movement OR one mental illness about which you learned in this unit and describe its etiology and effects. Be sure to identify the parts

of the brain and nervous system that are involved and how the parts are affected. Discuss any evolutionary or genetic influences which are hypothesized to be involved

in the disorder. Discuss any current progress that has been made in management and treatment of the disorder.

2.A. Describe the basic steps of the sleep cycle and discuss the relationship of sleep to overall physical and mental health. B. Describe one sleep disorder,

including the parts of the brain that may be affected and current strategies for managing and treating the problem/disease.

3.A. Discuss and evaluate the evidence for the existence of universal emotions that are recognizable across all world cultures. B. Choose one basic emotion and

describe what is known about its biological underpinnings.

4.Discuss the evidence for the truth in the term “use it or lose it” with reference to at least three concepts or facts of physiological psychology with which you

became familiar during this course.

5.Identify a common misconception about the origins or effects of amnesia. Define and distinguish between anterograde and retrograde amnesia, describing what is

known about how each type might develop. Name one important fact that we have learned about memory by studying organic amnesia.

6.There is still some controversy about the notion of a “learning acquisition device” (LAD) – Noam Chomsky’s theory that humans are born prepared for language “the

way a bird is born prepared to fly.” Behaviorists like Skinner, on the other hand, believe that humans learn language through the instrumental conditioning processes

described in Chapter 13. Using what you’ve learned about the biological underpinnings of language and communication, evaluate these opposing views and express your

informed opinion, for, against, or undecided regarding the existence of an “LAD.”

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