Order Description

The discussion section compares key findings of the results to scientific literature. These results are in the table provided ( figure 1) It also includes a conclusion

which restates the collective findings and deductions.
Key elements include:
• State the key findings of the results
• Compare/contrast key findings of the experiment to laws/standards from scientific literature
• Overall conclusion which restates collective findings
Criteria :
Addresses all key elements to obtain a distinction+ AND at least one of the following >1(+)
– consistently provides specific research based evidence (including data) to supplement background information
– consistently draws conclusions from evidence

Acceleration phase    137.2    161.7    24.5
Flight phase    115.4    122.8    7.5
Recovery/Landing phase    57.8    32.5    25.3
Stride length     1.08    2.84    1.76

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