Digital Signal Processing (DSP) hardware and architectures.

The objective of this assignment is to survey current trends in the area of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) hardware and architectures. This is an independent study, i.e. do not expect any support from the lecture notes or from the textbook.
You are required to write not more than 2000 words on:
1. Leading manufacturers of DSP devices and their typical products.
2. Comparison between fixed-point and floating-point categories of DSP devices.
3. Hardware features (architectures) typically available in modern DSP devices. Explain importance of the architectures you listed for the design of DSP algorithms.
4. Programming environment of modern DSP devices (program flow mechanisms, specialized instructions, etc.). Explain advantages of programming mechanisms you listed.

As a conclusion from Points 1-4, propose an exemplary implementation (i.e. the block structure and the list of components) of a DSP system which can be installed on board of a small UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). The system would be used as a flight controller receiving data from onboard sensors (speed, height, yaw, pitch and roll angles) and motion commands from the ground station. At the output, it will produce signals for the wing control surfaces and for the engine.
DO NOT analyze details of the required control algorithms. Just propose a structure which in your opinion would satisfy the requirements with minimum size, energy consumption and costs.



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