Diaoyu/Senkaku island dispute issue between China and Japan

Subject: Asian Studies
to select a disputed issue pertaining to one or more Countries in East Asia. Compare multiple news accounts of the issue from varying viewpoints reflecting different countries or different political views. Provide a very brief overview of the topic and issues, and then give your analysis of the different viewpoints. How do you evaluate the different viewpoints and what is your own informed opinion on the issues?

Our Topic is Diaoyu dao/Senkaku island dispute issue between China and Japan.

Please write brief history and background information on this issue and compare the viewpoints of China and Japan on this issue using the media sites I have mentioned down below. Please use direct quotes from these news articles. Also have two paragraphs or so on 3rd party point of view. For example what does US and Korea think about this issue, and Korea especially Korea when Korea already have Dokdo island dispute issue already happening with Japan.


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