In March 2013 Pembrey Airport was handed to Carmarthenshire County Council by its owner Winston Thomas. Carmarthenshire CC are now considering future development of the site. Some idea of the potential for development can be found from comments made in an interview with the retiring owner First Officer Winston Thomas where he revealed that he is planning to lengthen the runway to allow charter and scheduled flights by larger airlines, including major operators to Europe and other countries.

It was further revealed that new leisure facilities around Pembrey, such as Ffos Las racecourse and the Jack Nicholas designed, Machynys championship golf course, have placed the airport at the center of Wales’ fastest-growing tourism and leisure area.

Heightened interest not only in ad hoc air services but also air transport/aerospace investment on airport land have led to suggestions that the airport’s runway be extended to 2,400 m (7,874 ft) to allow operations of the Air Bus A320 passenger aircraft; VIP corporate jets; and horse/racecar carrying freighters. There is also pressure on Pembrey Airport to accept large military aircraft such as the C130, for refueling logistics and training.

Carmarthenshire CC are keen to develop the full potential of Pembrey and also plan new terminal, customs and freight buildings for the site.

Policy makers in the Welsh Government are excited by the prospects for future development of the Airport for the benefit of the Carmarthenshire area and to provide services to South and West Wales and for the future of Welsh aviation.
Task 2 [Fire Safety engineering students]

With the understanding that the Airport develops in line with the plans outlined in the general scenario you have been requested by Carmarthenshire CC to prepare a report (min 2500 words), to include an Environmental Impact Assessment with regard to (a) a major fire in the new freight and customs warehouse and (b) a freight aircraft fire on the runway.

At the beginning of your report please state the sources for any information used in regard to the airport site and state any assumptions that have been made.


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