Develop and test a new scale that measures peoples’ level of locus of control

Develop and test a new scale that measures peoples’ level of locus of control

imagine that you are a human measurement consultant and that you have been recruited to help develop a

new human personality measure. Your reputation is of such a bloated magnitude that your employers were wretchedly grateful that you condescended to assist them, despite the huge fee that you insisted on.

Your employers have hired a large team of behavioural scientists

(i.e., everyone currently

enrolled in PSYC3020) to develop a database of human personality measures. You will be
working as part ofa group of other scientists (yourtutorial group) to develop just one ofthese

measures. Yourtask is to focus solely on measuring this one personality trait, while other

groups will develop measures forthe othertraits. Once each group has finished preparing their
measures, all the measures will be combined into one large questionnaire. We will then ask

everyone enrolled in PSYC3020 to complete this questionnaire so that you can collect data for your measure.

You are then requested to analyse the data from your measure. You only need to look at the results for your measure, not the entire questionnaire -the other scientists will take care oftheir
respective measures.

Finally, you will be required to write a report evaluating whether your measure was effective. If you determine that the measure is valid and reliable, then your employerwill be able to use it in future work and yourjob will have been completed successfully. If your measure turns

out not to be reliable orvalid, then it’s not a problem. In this case, you are required to provide your
expert and informed opinion as to why you think this happened, so that it can be addressed in

future iterations of your measure (forwhich you will be able to chargeextra).

Important: The writer has to be very specialized in measurement psychology since this report need to do lots of statistics
calculations, scale measurements and tables. Also, the writer needs to has SPSS(Statistical Product and Service Solutions) in his/her
computer and needs to be extremely skilled on using SPSS since you need to find the results to complete the analysis by using this software


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