Description, Medium, Style, Elements & Principles, and Personal

Description, Medium, Style, Elements & Principles, and Personal Interpretation

Your analysis of the works of art you have chosen to write about should include a formal, analytic description of the work as well as a personal interpretation. In all, the analysis must have 5 main sections Interpretation.
1. Find the painting on your bblearn site that you wish to write about. You must choose from the paintings provided; no others will be accepted. The first paragraph of your paper should be a detailed description of the painting you have chosen to analyze. These descriptions must be thorough enough that the reader-graders should be able to visualize the painting based on what you write. A short background on the artist and/or the story behind the painting may be included, but remember that this is not a report on the artist’s life and that any information used must be cited and a Works Cited page must be included. I do not accept Wikipedia as a source.
2. In the second paragraph, describe the medium (type of paint and the surface painted on) used in the work of art you are analyzing. The description of each medium must also include your opinion regarding why the artist chose the particular medium he/she used in the work of art. For example, one artist may choose to paint in acrylic for durability, while another artist may choose to paint in watercolor because it is more direct and expressive. Explain how the chosen medium enhances the statement the artist makes in the work you analyze.
3. In the third paragraph, analyze the style of the painting. Is it realistic, idealistic, abstract, or non-objective? Discuss when the work you have chosen to write about was produced. What does this work express about the time and culture in which it was created?
4. The fourth paragraph of your critique should be an analysis of the formal elements and principles of design used in this work of art. Remember, you must discuss at least four (4) elements or principles and use them with the correct meanings. You must support your opinions. Your vocabulary should use terms for 2-D art.
5. Lastly, please give your personal interpretation and opinion of the painting you have chosen. Explain why you chose this particular work from those available. Discuss such matters as: What is it about the work that appeals to you or displeases you? How does this work make you feel? Does the work evoke emotions, such as laughter, boredom, disgust, delight? Why? Why do you think the artist created the painting?



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