The research question is basically about degrees-employability/ The structure should start with Chapter 1 Introduction and then sub-points like background, statement

of purpose (purpose of the study, research justification. I will send sample of dissertation, which I want to be followed ( like a structure). Then if I am happy with

my writer I will ask them to help and with my literature review chapter as well, sending him relevant literature I want to be used in the study( references). Then I

want introduction point of chapter 2 on my literature review, which have to include:
1.define the product (write a few things about this degree,  Support your argument with statistics.  Marketing- mix should be included in the product section.
2. write a brief history about the emergence of students’ interest about the tourism and hospitality field.
3. give a picture of the labor force regarding this field mainly in statistics,
The above will serve as an introduction to the literature review.

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