Decolonisation and Conflict since 1945

Decolonisation and Conflict since 1945
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Write a short Portfolio (1000 words) evaluations of the issues they raised and the discussion that took place in the seminar. This is still an academic exercise so you should refer to the academic literature, but it is also an opportunity for you reflect upon and critique the arguments that were raised in seminar group discussion. Not more than 1000 words excluding references

What were the similarities and differences in the British and French retreats from empire in Africa? Why did the French have a tougher time of it, especially in Algeria?

Please use the following text and other text and online journals and website at your disposal

McWilliams, W. C. and H. Piotrowski, The World Since 1945, 7th edition, chapters 5 & 6

Alden, C., D. Large and R. Soares de Oliveira (eds.), China Returns to Africa: A Superpower and a Continent Embrace

Darwin, J., Britain and Decolonisation

Goldsworthy, D., ‘Civilian Control of the Military in Black Africa’ in African Affairs, Vol.80, No.318, 1981

Jackson, R. H., Quasi-States: Sovereignty, International Relations and the Third World

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