Dance review

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This is a dance review about swan lake. The instructor wants me to use dance terms to write a professional review. Here is some of the request.

Develop a perspective about the show. You have now seen and written about enough dance that this should be fairly mature. Your perspective could be primarily INTERPRETIVE: what did you think the dances were about? It could be ANALYTICAL: did the choreographer/s use movement or compositional devices in a unique way? It could be EVALUATIVE: did you think the dances were particularly good or particularly bad? Or it could be a combination of all those, it is important, though, that your review is not just a synopsis of the dances but offers a unique well-developed thesis rooted in course concepts.
Determine what movement or other compositional devices from the dances will be the evidence to support your thesis. What did you see that allowed you to arrive at your thesis, how can you best describe what you saw to the reader to help make your ideas clear? Be sure to include 3 component descriptions

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