Cultural Movement in Comic Works

This paper requires two readings: Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again by Ola Rotimi (ISBN-10: 9781540036) and Yakitate!! Ja-pan by Hashiguchi Takashi (online : ). For Yakitate!! Ja-pan, only six chapters in volume 1 is required reading, but you can read on if you like.

Please use references to support the essay but only use references from the readings listed above.

Essay Prompt: Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again and Yakitate!! Ja-pan both depict the movement of morality or values across cultural lines. Discuss the intercultural

movement of values in these texts by comparing their use of humor to convince readers of the positive effects of such movements. What values, morals, or beliefs are on

the move? From where and to where are they moving? What issues arise in the transfer of values or morality? How do the texts use humor in depicting these intercultural

transfers and the issues around them?

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