: Crito analysis

Topic: Crito analysis

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In following with the requirements of Illinois Central College, all students of Philosophy 110 are required to complete an “analysis paper” which will gauge their ability to examine a philosophic work, comprehend it, and communicate their ideas clearly and concisely. This is the explanation of the requirements and the guidelines for that paper.

In its most basic terms, this assignment is to summarize a philosophic text. Specifically, the text to be summarized is Plato’s Crito (which is found in the anthology Fifty Readings in Philosophy by Donald Abel). To complete this assignment the student should read, explore, and ponder the entirety of the text. Then, clearly and concisely, in your own words, communicate the thought process contained in the text. This is not a book report—you should not merely paraphrase the entirety of the text. The key here is to understand the central arguments given by both Crito and Socrates, and then convey it in your own words (thus demonstrating that you have understood).

You are free to use any research tools at your disposal (e.g. the library, websites, etc.) to aid you in this endeavor to understand and summarize the text, but the written work must be entirely your own. You may use quotations from the text to support your points, but they should be kept to a minimum and must, of course, include citations.

In short, the goal of this assignment is to create a summary of the text such that your paper could teach the original text to someone who had never read the original text.

Due Date: This assignment is due in class at the time of the Final Exam.

**see reverse side for further guidelines

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