Criteria Audit

Assessment Summary

Assignment 1 – Criteria Audit
Worth: 60%
Due: Part 1 05/09/14 (25%), Part 2 03/10/14 (35%)

Task:   To develop a report on a criteria audit conducted at Curtin Hospital.

For Part 1 you are to develop and submit the first part of your criteria audit report.

First, you need to select your audit topic. You can elect to do your criteria audit on either:
a.    Cholecystectomy Surgery – the audit for this topic will use scanned hospital records on Blackboard to establish how well the hospital is adhering to the

guidelines for cholecystectomies set by the Royal Australian College of Surgeons.

b.    Health Record Documentation – the audit for this topic will establish how well the hospital is adhering to the guidelines for good documentation practice. If

you select this topic you will need to undertake the audit using real hospital paper health records and will be responsible for contacting the hospital and organising

the records for the audit (if you are conducting this outside of your place of work you will need a police clearance, confidentiality statement, placement insurance

and a letter of support so please contact Caroline Yates 9266 3641).

Then you are required to design an electronic data collection sheet that you will use to complete a criteria audit on 20 cases.  The criteria to use on your data

collection sheet can be found in Resources on Blackboard. Information about designing and conducting a criteria audit may be found in module 3 of the workbook and the

iLectures Blackboard lecture notes for Criteria Audits.

In particular, your data collection sheet should:
•    Clearly identify the type of audit and facility.
•    Provide a listing of criteria and boxes to audit each response (e.g. Yes, No, NA).
•    Allow entry of a UMRN or other unique identifier (for the de-identified cholecystectomy records the case number is the unique identifier).
•    Collect demographic data (e.g. gender, DOB) and for the cholecystectomy audit the surgical/admission data (e.g. admission and discharge date, operation date).
•    Provide a section or code to identify the auditor.
•    Allow for comments – both general comments and criterion specific comments (these will be useful to refer to later when reporting and discussing your

•    Be visually appealing but professional.

You are then required to write the following sections of your Criteria Audit report (again – see Module 3 for explanations on each section):
1.    Introduction
2.    Background & literature review:
a.    Curtin Hospital (make this up)
b.    Specific information about either:
i.    cholecystectomy surgery.
ii.    good documentation practice
c.    The use of audits and either:
i.    cholecystectomy surgery
ii.    good documentation practice
3.    Rationale
4.    Objectives
5.    Criterion
6.    Methodology
7.    Appendixes
a.    Blank data collection form (as specified above)

This is worth 25% and is due by 5pm Friday 5th September 2013. Please upload as one MS Word document to Assessments on Blackboard.

•    Do not use any patient/staff names in the report

PART 2: Final Report
Part 2 requires you to complete the criteria audit report.

After making any changes to your data collection form from feedback to Part 1, you will then be required to audit 20 cases available in Resources on Blackboard or 20

hospital records.  When using the hospital records on Blackboard, some of the details are missing. Please use your imagination and make this up for the sake of the


Once you have completed your audit on 20 cases, create a summary sheet (see Note below).  On Blackboard in Resources are two Excel spreadsheets called “80

Cholecystectomy Criteria Audit Results” and “80 Health Record Criteria Audit Results”.  Selecting the correct spreadsheet, add these 80 cases to your summary sheet.

You now have data for 100 cases that you can analyse and draw some meaningful information from.

Your final report should have the following headings (see Chapter 3 for section descriptions):
1.    Introduction
2.    Background & literature review:
a.    Curtin Hospital (make this up)
b.    Specific information about either:
i.    cholecystectomy surgery.
ii.    good documentation practice
c.    The use of audits and either:
i.    cholecystectomy surgery
ii.    good documentation practice
3.    Rationale
4.    Objectives
5.    Criterion
6.    Methodology
7.    Results (give just the results, using both prose and tables/graphs – do not interpret or discuss the results)
8.    Discussion/Findings (interpret & discuss your results and link to any literature or benchmark against past audits at Curtin Hospital or against other peer

hospitals – you can make this up. Note – this and your results should be the biggest sections in your report)
9.    Recommendations – any further action required?
10.    Dissemination of Results
11.    Acknowledgements
12.    Appendixes
a.    Blank data collection form (please do not submit your completed 20 data collection forms)
b.    Summary sheet

•    You can make changes to Part 1 for this report based on the feedback provided.
•    For the purpose of this assignment you will not have an Action Taken or Follow-up section, but these are usually required in Audit reports
•    There is no word limit for this report.
•    In the discussion section ensure you use graphs and tables in your discussion. Also ensure you discuss specific cases, or specific criteria and across criteria

(for example, antibiotic prophylaxis and wound infections) Use current literature (journal articles) to support your arguments and demonstrate your in-depth

understanding in your Discussion section. You can also benchmark against past internal audits and against peer (like/similar) hospitals – you need to make this

•    On your summary sheet, list each criterion and provide associated results (expected % actual % and rate).

This is worth 35% and is due by 5pm Friday 3rd October 2014. Please upload as one MS Word document to Assessments on Blackboard.

Assignment 1 Marking Criteria
The marking guide for Assignment 1 Parts 1 & 2 can be found on Blackboard in Assessments

Tips for Assignment 1- Part 2 HSQD 282 STUDENTS
Please read the Unit Outline Assignment 1 Criteria Audit Part 2 and the Marking Rubric (in Resources, BB) for full information.

Part 1 – this will be marked again in Part 2 and if you have updated based on my comments and feedback then that may result in extra marks. If not altered then marks

will be exactly the same as the first time.

Wordcount – there is no limit on number of words but keep sections concise and to key points as per unit outline and marking rubric. The biggest sections will be the

results and discussion/findings sections

Missing information in medical records – if information required to establish if criterion is met is missing in the 20 medical records then this will be counted as not

met, and a comment completed so able to refer to in discussion.

Results – do not include any discussion or interpretation.  Use graphs and tables to illustrate results.

When calculating results use following formula:
Number that met the criterion
Total number of cases screened minus N/A

Discussion/Findings – Focus on those results not meeting expected rate and relate the discussion/findings back to your original literature review when possible and you

can make up previous audit results at your hospital or benchmarking results from other hospitals for comparisons.

Dissemination of Results – this means who you are going to send the report to for feedback, review and action. It may be distributed in different formats for different


Recommendations – more readable if listed/dot points. Be specific about what action is needed to improve based on the results for the criteria and your discussion. If

it involves other health professionals then acknowledge the recommendations need to be discussed with them and approved.

Acknowledgements – means thanking anyone that has assisted you to complete the audit and report

Appendices – should be the last section of report after references:
A. blank audit form with no data
B. A summary sheet of all data for 100 records (add your data for 20 records to the existing 80 on BB in Resources and summarise)

General Info

The above is only a guide and your approach to the presentation of results and discussion/findings in the report is your choice.

Don’t forget your Cover Sheet and Contents Page!

If you have any other queries please do not hesitate to put onto Discussion Board or email me direct.

Hazel Lloyd

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