create website for ALDI project

create website for ALDI project

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This is too an important assignment in this semester which is called project management . Please outlines must be sent within 48 HOURS

There are many steps should be followed.

what about project will ?

ALDI company .

* What is ALDI ?

It is food company

What ALDI team needs from this project .

They are going to rise up their sells size via website .

ALDI new plan is delivery orders to costumers via creating of new website.

This website will be data base of ALDI costumer, and shopping window in same time . There are many benefits.

There are many plans for delivery costumer consumptions like putting lists for consumers, ( weekly needs, monthly, biweekly ) . proposal from this point is keep growth costumers numbers . Many consumers do not like to go shopping for many reason such as avoid carry up heavy bags, traffic jam and lack of times. This project will save efforts an time of people, because it will provide people’s things via three main steeps :

1 – Sending notification to costumers who have account on website .

2- send E-mail to customers who do not have an account on ALDI website

AFTER these steps people will be asked about their needs for example: People who go to ALDI every week, they will asked via website if there need same list ore changeable list . Then team will arrange order list and deliver it to costumer’s door.

There are many steps from taking costumer’s approval to until deliver order to door (Please use Agile as reference for this ).

Teams will be 7 people , every one of them has particular role .

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