cost analysis

writing about the cost analysis
my senior project is to build a fuel cell system and i searched about the parts that are needed to build and i have all the prices and cost of them and know i have to write about the cost analysis in the final senior report
and you need to write about :

-what are the parts we searched about and find ?
-why we pick these part and about talk about the materials properties of each part ?
-put the total price for all parts that is requier to build a fuel cell system ?
-compare about the cost and price between build one or buy one ?
-also use your engineering way and write about these ideas and also put more ideas that is related to the cost analysis for the fuel cell system so you are writing a senior report and it should be perfect and you have to explain well and make it very organised please

i will attach for you the parts and the cost of them and also search more about them and see if there are any parts missing to build the fuel cell also i will attach some papers about the fuel cell and our work in the senior project so you can understand what is happening and do a perfect writing

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