Refer to the housing project drawing – comprising the new entrance and a number of houses
You will be allocated a group for discussion purposes and development of ideas; however you are required to produce your own individual final report and recommendations.
The report should be approximately 2000 words and is to be accompanied by supporting site layout proposals. The site layout plan issued in the drawing set is to be used as the basis for your drawn proposals.
You must Reference your work using the Harvard system.
The key issues you are to consider include
• Security
• Access
• Storage
• Site accommodation
• Services – permanent and temporary
• Health and safety
• Site systems
• Transportation and material handling – horizontal and vertical
• Plant access and type
• Environmental aspects
• Etc.

Required layout of Task 2:
• Task 2 cover/sheet including contents list, behind cover sheet to include as minimum:

o 2000 word processed report
o Bibliography/references
o Appendices – Annotated site layout plan (not to scale)

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