Competitor analysis and corporate level strategy

Topic: Competitor analysis and corporate level strategy
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This essay topic is “How has your group added value for the focal firm during the ‘global strategy simulation’ exercise?” It is group work, but please do only my part* (Competitor analysis (write for 70%) and corporate level strategy (write for 30%)) for about 500 words with harvard reference. Although you help me with my part but please read the overall instruction and essay outline as attached. I sent you the template, details in business simulation, and some example.
There are 10 teams in simulation, my group name is A&A International. Please read the information in the website I gave you and be noted that you use the data from this website to write those 500 words. ***** (email login:, password: nori3477). The deadline is 7am tomorrow. Should you have any question do not hesitate to email me.
In simulation, … Our group focus on Tech 1and3. Use low price strategy. Main market is Asia, followed by Europe and USA. Also use references as you consider it”s suitable in Harvard style. You may draw a table to compare data.

In PDF report file, please look at the competitor analysis section as a guideline.

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