comperative media topic

(1) Pick a film or an episode of a fictional television show produced in PERU and compare with a similar example from the US

(2) For comparison you can either pick (a) versions/adaptations ? same film done in your country and in the US (b) same genre ? similar film ?you can pick a particular genre (horror, crime, etc.) and compare two films- if you are going to go with this option you should pick films that are seemingly similar.

(3) Research the production and reach of both films. Who produced the film? How much did generate in box office? Compare the company structures? E.g. Hollywood vs. your company?s film or tv industry structure.Please make sure to research the patterns of production, dissemination and influence. Research whether the media product you analyze from your country is a global contraflow item.

(4) Watch and identify plot and characters- who are the main characters of the film? what is the plot? Tell the similarities and differences between the two plots.

(5)pick a scene no longer than 5 minutes-in order have a focus analysis. You are going to use these two scenes as a focus example of the comparison you will make.

(6)What are the critical issues of relevance that comes out as a result of the comparison of these two films. such as orientalism, global information theories, global market theories and representation of gender and class.

(7) Conclusion: What is your insight? Carefully analyze these two materials and tell what your analysis hows. Why is this comparison important? Make sure you convince the audience why this comparison matters.



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