Compare and contrast two documentaries or movies (or one of each) by examining areas of analysis. Review chapter 5 in From Critical Thinking to Argument. Remember that comparison/contrast means to discuss how they are similar and how they are different. Essays can be organized in one of two ways: one side at a time or point by point. The analysis must be supported by outside sources including movie reviews. Sources will be cited using MLA documentation method (see chapter 7 in our book). An outline will be required before the rough draft.

Analysis areas can include – plot, message, setting, characters, acting quality, endings, comedy (physical/verbal), book adaptation success, construction (narrators, voice overs, point of view, organization,etc.), costumes, music. Pick and choose to use whatever seems most important/relevant in the context of your comparison. The paper should clearly be a comparison of the two (not an analysis and then another analysis.)

There must be a reason for the comparison. For example, you could compare/contrast two comedies about education. You could use two comedies starring Adam Sandler. You could compare a comedy with a drama because they both have the same message. You could compare a movie based on an actual event with a documentary about the actual event. You could compare an early movie with a remake or a movie with its sequel. There must be a reason for the comparison. Each student must submit a plan: a short description of the two movies/documentaries and then a rationale for the use of them by 10/2.


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