Compare our world today to five years ago in terms of developments within the filed of computer technology. Are these developments worth the hassle instigated by their

introduction into our society?

Paper instructions:
Purpose: A comparison/contrast essay usually has one of three purposes: to express ideas, to inform, or to persuade. Your topic choice within the pairs given

should be narrow enough so that you have a solid basis of comparison. For example, a writer would not compare the film Hannibal to the comedy Dumb and Dumber in order

to demonstrate how explicit modern film drama has become. Obviously, these two films belong in separate categories. Comparing the films’contents produces no

information, evaluation, or judgment about the topic, the true purpose of developing a comparison/contrast. In other words, your purpose is to make a point! Just

pointing out similarities or differences is usually not enough.
Audience: For the purpose of this essay, assume your audience to be relatively familiar with current television programming, films, and the use of modern computer

technology. If you mention a program or film that you consider to be not within the mainstream, supply brief background information so that your audience understands

your basis of comparison. Assume your audience to be receptive to your topic as well, though many may not agree with your evaluation or judgment resulting from your

Sources: You will use proper MLA documentation for all sources used in your paper.  You will use a minimum of three (3) substantial sources in this paper.  Sources

do not necessarily need to be scholarly, but they must pertain to your paper.  You are expected to use and cite primary texts, and indeed, primary texts may be your

sole citations for this essay. You will not be able to write a passing paper that does not incorporate primary texts into it.  You may use valid sources from the open


Formatting Requirements:
Minimum number of pages: 3    full pages                Line Spacing: Double
Margins: 1” top/bottom, 1.25” left/right            Font: 12 pt. Times New Roman
Your essay must be in MLA format


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