compare “Champions of The World”(angelou) and “Fish Cheeks”(Tan ) with attention to have narration and description bring to life the experience of time and place.

Maya Angelou and Amy Tan each write about being a young minority person in an Anglo culture. Which of the two authors, in your view, more effectively uses narration and description to depict a sense of isolation from the dominant culture in the time and place of her story?

1. State your thesis in the opening paragraph. Make it a direct response to the assignment prompt. Since it is the result of comparing narrative and descriptive elements in the stories, precede your thesis with sentences about how each author uses these methods of development.
2. To support the main point of your composition, the first two body paragraph should discuss how each author’s situation/condition is expressed through her telling of the story.

3. The third body paragraph should draw a point by point comparison of the two which explains the reasoning behind your evaluation of which one is more effective in her use of elements of narration ad and description to depict the isolation from the dominant culture.

4. Tie up loose ends in your closing paragraph resolve any questions left unanswered and restate the conclusion to which your reasoning process has led you.

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