Communication Practices (Public Relations)

Present an overview of an area of professional communication practice. Choose from thefive covered in the Unit, or another approved by the Unit Coordinator.

Your overview of the practice should address the following questions:What do communication professionals in this area actually do? What is a typicaldaily routine??What is the general profile of those involved in this area of communicationspractice? (age, gender, class, educational background etc.)?What are the requirements for entry to the area of communications practice? Are‘industry contacts’ important? If so, how are they made? What is the importance ofeducational qualifications??What is the organisational structure of the area of communications practice? Whoare the main employers? Are the organisations large or small? Flat or hierarchical?Where do communications professionals fit within organisations? Do professionalorganisations or labour unions play a significant role?
What are the main problems or issues currently affecting this area ofcommunications practice? How is the area likely to develop over the next tenyears?

clarity and accuracy in the description of the chosen area of communicationspractice?? quality of engagement with scholarly and other sources? quality of analysis of the chosen area of communications practice? clarity of organisation, logic in the development of ideas? correctness and consistency in citation and referencing

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