Cognitive Psychology Literature Review of Brown-Peterson Paradigm

Subject: Psychology

Question: To write a literature review on Brown-Peterson Paradigm.


1. To provide 7 pages of articles

2. Provide an abstract

3. Past and Present Studies to support or criticize the paradigm

4. At least 10 references

5. Cite the original article, Brown-Peterson (1959) in your review which is included in the attached file.

6. IMPORTANT QUESTIONS to be answered in the review

Background: Brown- Peterson paradigm is designed to test to hypotheses about what causes forgetting in Short-Term Memory (STM).

i. The Decay hypothesis is that information in STM decays with passage of time.
ii. Interference hypothesis is that information in STM loses strength as new information enter STM (i.e., the new items interfere with the old items).

Typically the Brown – Peterson paradigm returns results that are consistent with the Decay hypothesis (i.e., as the delay between presentation of a trigram and later recall is lengthened, the probability of correctly recalling the trigram is reduced).

Question 6.1 – Discuss the hypotheses

Question 6.2 – To what extent does this typical pattern of result exist in each individual? Does the effect apply to all people, or is it only observed when we look at averaged performance?

Question 6.3 – What does this say about whether or not we are observing a fundamental cognitive process?

7. Pros and Cons of the Experiment

8. Conclusion and your stand of the paradigm


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