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• Title page (inc your name, date of submission, course, title of course work)
• Table of Contents
• Abstract/Executive summary


This section should include a clear statement of the Research Question and the problem statement you will address in your research OR a statement of research hypotheses. The introduction provides background information on definitions of key terms, your approach and organization of the report.

The introduction gives you the opportunity to provide your reader with an overview of the report. In this you should:
Introduce your topic and why you selected it; Provide a background to the topic selected; State the research question(s) you will answer clearly; Describe how your report is organised; Describe briefly the main elements which will be covered in the literature review to link the introduction to this next section.



In this section, you are required to provide a brief review of relevant literature, i.e. what are the main issue (s) of contention, what are the methods used by other authors and what are the main findings and conclusions reached.

This section gives you the opportunity to show the reader that you have in-depth knowledge of what others have written on your chosen topic and your research questions.

Provide a correct in-text citations using Harvard Referencing style

The research methodology needs to indicate how you have approached your research question. This section should not be written in future tense but in past tense, indicating the tools you used during your research, the reasons why you use these tools, and a discussion of your primary and secondary sources.




This section gives you the opportunity to present, analyse and discuss your research findings. You provide a detailed presentation of facts and data obtained using your research methodology. Make clear references to your Research Question and present your objective interpretation of the research findings. Include models to support or refute your research hypothesis/Research Question and to provide a directional ‘answer’ to your Research Question.

You use this section to present primary and secondary data and to sustain your claims by cross-referencing the data with the literature review (or to suggest new approaches or improve existing theories).

Secondary data should not be confused with the literature review. Secondary data include all documents you have collected during your research (includes textual, visual, electronic documents).

Other considerations to include in this section:
Data presentation which is appropriate and easy to read.
Identification of links, patterns, trends within data and the contribution to new discussions in the area researched.
Comparison and contrast of findings obtained with existing literature, discussed in the literature review section. This should also include discussion of any unexpected/unique findings.
You should NOT introduce any new literature at this stage.
Presentation of findings is presented in an organised, logical and coherent manner under sub-headed themes.
A discussion of the meaning of results.
An end to the section with a brief summary of the findings. This, in turn, should set the scene for the concluding section.

The following components need to be included (varying in length depending upon the Research Question):
a. Analysis of the key factors relating to your Research Question
b. External Analysis of the industry e.g. sector players and value system
c. Internal Analysis of the case study organisation (where appropriate)

This section may be broken into separate sub-sections to create the logical breakdown needed for your own topic.


This gives you the opportunity to evaluate your research and your analysis.
A clear statement of how the Research Question has been solved or resolved, including a re-cap of the logical argument in a concise presentation. If the analysis found new areas for future research or areas of difficulty in obtaining clear results, these factors can be noted in this section.


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