Clip Analysis Assignment

· Discuss the location and significance of the clip within the general narrative of the film
· Give a detailed reading of the clip, paying attention to cinematic elements/techniques
· IMPORTANT: Objective = to use a short sequence in order to make a larger point or argument about the film
· Your reading should be oriented towards this larger point
· Be selective about what elements you discuss in your reading
· Concentrate on the formal and aesthetic details that pertain to the larger point you wish to make about the film
· Do not make random observations and generalizations about the clip
· Do not simply list the shots or elements—you should try to make a point about the meaning of those shots or the function and/or effects of those elements
· Do not waste words on plot summary except to explain your point (your readers have seen the film)

Suggested guide to assignment:
· Watch the clip carefully & repeatedly
o Make a list of all the elements of the clip that you notice; review terminology
· Decide what is important
o What interests you most in/about the clip? What aspects seem most important in light of the film as a whole?
o Is there an element or technique that stands out or is toned down? Why?
o Be thinking about repetition, variation & contrast
· Come up with an argument
o Think about what effect these elements have, what function they serve in the clip & film
o Which of the film’s themes does this sequence address, and how does it contribute to that theme or those themes?
· Structure your paper, linking argument & evidence
o Beginning: introduce your specific argument or the question you bring to the text
o Present this as an effect of specific cinematic techniques which you then will analyze in greater detail
o Organize your analysis

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