clinical professional improvment

Students will be provided with:
? resources relating to commonly used CPI tools
? a CPI template that they must type their CPI paper into

Students will be required to use the online library databases to locate eight (8) literature sources that closely relate to their clinical issue. These sources must

? 3 primary studies (Australian or international)
? 3 secondary sources (e.g. systematic literature review)
? 2 other types of literature source, for example:
? clinical protocol or guideline
? government report
? reliable web-based resource (e.g. The Heart Foundation or the ARC).

Students will be required to analyse, summarise, synthesise and critique the eight (8) literature sources, and construct a CPI report into the supplied template.
A marking rubric for this assignment will be available on FLO. Students MUST type their assignment into the supplied template. Students who do not type their

assignment into the supplied temple will be awarded a mark of zero for their assignment

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