Classic and Modern

Explain how 3 critical moments in Ralph Waldo Emerson’s biography (3 life events or circumstances) have shaped him to be the writer he is.

Project description
Remember to connect the writer’s biography to his writing with specific examples from the writer’s poems or stories. Things to remember: This is an argument essay with 3 points. Clearly identify the 3 points in your introduction and make explicit the connections between the author’s life experiences and his writing. Essay must meet the following criteria: Be 3 pages, contain a title page formatted according to APA guidelines, contain a reference page with APA formatted references for any source from which you quote, summarize or paraphrase material. Also must be double spaced and use of 12 point, Times New Roman font. Must include an APA in-text citation after every paraphrase, summary and quotation from an outside source. Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source.

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