Subject: Communications and Media
The new propsed bill CISPA(Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) proposes a law in the USA that would allow the sharing of internet traffic information between the US goverment and tecnology and technology manufacturing companies.The proposed bill seems to be a response to the rise of cybersttacks.There have been both advocates and critics.The advocates point the rise of cyberattacks in the recent years and their grave consequences.the critics are worried about what the bill would mean it terms of privacy of users as it may entail sharing individual users browsing histories. The critics of users as Anonymous whose cyberattcks are a way of disseminating their polictical message.
Please write a case FOR OR AGAINST the new CISPA bill.In your article discuss the policy WHO it would impact HOW it would have an impact and how it may change the way in which we interact with internet technologies.

(Author Suggestions: Gabriella Coleman, Eli Parisier, Manuel Castells, Deibert and Rphozinski,Milton Muelller, Daniel Solove, Eugeny Morozov)

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