child’s primary occupational roles

During the Module 1 Weekend Lab session you will have the opportunity to observe a preschooler. Your assignment is to complete written report on your observation. Your report should at a minimum include the following:

Occupational Profile- What are the child’s primary occupational roles?
Performance in areas of occupation: milestones achieved and quality of play, ADL’s, social participation.
Performance Skills: motor skills, process skills, communication / interaction skills.
Performance Patterns: habits, roles, routines.
Context: Aspects of the environment that impacted on performance skills?
Client Factors: body functions & body structures
Activity Demands: Based on the observations made in the lab.

Maximum 3 pages typed with no smaller than 10-point font.
The paper may be in a narrative or bullet format. Include titles for each section listed above.

Points will be deducted for failure to adequately address any of the criteria listed above.
Points will be deducted for late submission.
Points will be deducted for typing and grammatical errors.
The final grade will be out of a maximum of 10.

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