Bandura, A., Ross, D., & Ross, S. A. (1961). Transmission of aggression through imitation of

aggressive models. Journal of Abnormal and Social PsychoQg{y, 63, 575-582.
wbobo.htm (ATTACHED“)”.r,)

How do I write the paper?

Reading the Article:

0 You will probably need to read the article more than once to truly understand it.

0 You should pay attention to the main topic of the paper, what kinds of questions the
authors ask, how the ideas in the paper are organized, and what the tables, charts, and
graphs show.

0 It is best to take notes while you are reading the paper.


0 Your goal is to write a summary of the article that is so clear that a classmate could
understand it. In other words, your summary should show that you have read the article
carefully and understand the content of the article. Your paper should be a summary of
each of the following:

o The topic(s) of the study-What is the study fig?

o The goal(s) of the study-What is the question or questions at the heart of the article?
What questions are the authors trying to answer?

0 Who were the participants (subjects) in the study? Where did they come from?

o What answers did the authors find to their questions? In other words, what were the
results of the study?

0 What is E evaluation of this study? Are the results of this study important in the
real world? Would the results of this study change the way we do things in some area
of psychology?

Your paper does not need to go into the specific details of the data analysis/statistical techniques
used in the paper. You should check your paper for grammar and spelling.

You mpg’; describe the study in your own words, and you cannot quote directly from the text.
Any report that is entirely or partly copied word-for-word from a research article will
automatically be rated as a “fail” paper. That is plagiarism, and we do check for it.

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