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There are a multitude of topics related to CHILD GUIDANCE, having to do with Parenting, Guidance, Discipline, and Early Childhood (there are examples listed at the end of the instructions). Your task is to choose a topic to research and follow the outline below to research and explain how your chosen topic relates to guiding children; this can be helping children deal with behaviors, emotions, events, etc.
This will be a unique paper both in format and submission:
1) Choose and briefly describe your topic.
a. What information did you find about your topic? What do the experts in the field say?
b. How is Child Guidance affected by your topic? What guidance issues arise?
2) Choose a children’s book (bibliotherapy) that you could read to young children that may help them in dealing with this topic.
a. Describe the story.
b. Explain how this story might help reinforce the guidance you are trying to effect.
3) Using the textbooks for reference, describe (3) activities, behaviors, or interventions that would further reinforce your guidance goals as they relate to the topic.
a. Describe each techniques and how it supports your goals.
b. Use both textbooks with at least one example from each book. List the textbook and page number that refers to the technique you have chosen.
4) List all sources/references. Cite materials as used throughout paper.

Due Date: See Course Calendar for due date.

Sources: List at least (3) references (your bibliotherapy can be one of your sources). Be sure to list your references such as supplemental readings, text, journal articles or online sources. (Online sources not always reliable – DO NOT make this your only source of information)

Length/Structure: You should be able to complete this assignment in 2-3 pages. Work will be run through “Turnitin” so be careful not to plagiarize: use your own words, proper quotes and document your references.

Grading Criteria:

Accuracy: 20
Topic Well Stated
Information Supported by Facts
Follows Assignment Instructions
-Answers Each Question
Examples Specific to Topic
References Cited
Logical Order

(You may choose from this list or use an alternate appropriate guidance related topic)

Topic Ideas
General Topics
Attachment Attachment Disorders Separation Self-Discipline
Family Structure Divorce Depression Feelings: Anger, Sadness, etc
Parenting Skills / Modeling Aggression Adoption Self-Esteem
Physical Disabilities ADD/ADHD Peer Influences Self-Control
Anxiety / Shyness Autism Day Care/ Preschool
Temperaments Loss / Grief Learning Disabilities New Sibling
Safety Transitions/change
Bullying Hitting


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