Chemistry in general

It is a single article that have different sections:the introduction , the literature review, the disscution, and the conclusion. Introduction has to be 1 page,

the literature review has to be 2 pages and you write about what they say in the 7 scholary article that you are going to use and no more than what they say, in the

disscution section you are goin to write your opinion about what they say and it has to be 2 pages, the conclusion has to be 1 page, and finally the reference.
The points that I want you to write the article about:
Chemistry as a major emphasis in some particular courses such as: math physics, biology and medicine.
Chemistry play a role in our health, for example we prepare medicin from chemical.
And you can add any points that you say them appropriate for chemistry in general.
It has to be double space, times new roman 12 pt, font or Ariel 10, and the most importat things it has to have 7 scholary articles. Scholary articles not journal

or magazine.

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