Case Study Analysis and Critique


You have been employed as a senior management consultant. Write a 3,000-word management report around a strategic relationship between two organisational entities of your choice (ideally one of the organisations/groups will be familiar to you) :(my case is BP and one of its service companies or JV partners)

1. Provide a strategic rationale for the choice of your organisational relationship (10%).
2. Evaluate the opportunities, threats and consequences of this relationship from the standpoint of both parties and root your analysis in terms of strategic, cultural, ethical and political perspectives, tensions and paradoxes over time (70%).
3. Provide recommendations for one of the entities around how it can better manage this relationship in the future (20%).

In your answers to all questions, you should justify your assessment of the issues on the basis of an appropriate use of strategic frameworks and a full discussion of relevant theoretical and empirical evidence. Students are encouraged to draw upon their own experience and the curriculum of the MBA, reflecting the learning outcomes (1-3).
You may use tables where the information you are providing lends itself to this type of presentation, and submit appendices; neither of these will be included in the word count. The list of references and executive summary is NOT included within the word count.

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