Carry out a full CSR audit and report on Burnley Football Club

The audit and report should:

(i) identify the Club’s stakeholders, state how the Club is interacting with each group of stakeholders and give a view (backed up with evidence) on the quality of relationship between the Club and each group of stakeholders

(ii) identify what the Club can and should do to address any shortfalls in its relationship with any groups of stakeholders

(iii) identify where you think the club are at present in terms of the five stages of CSR learning:

Defensive(denying responsibility)→Compliant(doing the minimum required)→Managerial(the first steps in integrating CSR into management practices)→Strategic(embedding CSR into strategy)→Civil(promoting CSR industry-wide)

and justify your view

(iv) draft a CSR Vision Statement for the Club

(v) draft CSR Policies for the Club to adopt

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