Career Reports

• Use the following out line as a guide to write your Career Reports. This report is to include the career component topics presented on our Career and Life Planning course.
• You are to choose 3 different careers and write a 2 page double spaced paper on each career. There is no particular format needed. Simply write your name and the career on the top of the page and write 2 pages on your career of choice. Each report is worth 20 points each.
• Use the following information as a guideline of facts to include in your paper. Please do not limit yourself to these, but let them guide you as needed.
1. The Work: Name of the occupation (i.e., nurse, doctor, plumber),
Broad field in which the occupation is found, Broad or general statement of the kind of work performed, List of the specific activities required which are related to but not performed regularly (i.e. attend meeting, prepare reports, etc.).

2. Preparation and Entry:
What education is required? What college major, degree or technical degree needed? What specialized training after formal education/ (i.e. apprenticeship, internship etc.). What experience is required before entry to this occupation? Is a license or certification required?

3. Future:
By what methods are promotion secured? What are some job titles to which promotions may be achieved. Are opportunities for promotion in this field difficult to secure? What is the future demand of this occupation?

4. Working Conditions:
Where is the work performed? (i.e. office, factory, outdoors?) Are there any physical hazards, if so what are they? Are there any unusual physical demands? (i.e. eyesight, strength, etc.) What are the hours of work? Is the work steady or seasonal?

5. Money and More:
Starting salary? Average salary of people employed in this occupation? Maximum salary or income? How long does it take to reach this?

6. Last Paragraph and Summary of Interests, Values, Interests and
Personality: In your last paragraph I want you to summarize the
career as how well this career connects with what you’ve learned about
your personality, values, skills, and interests. Please use specific
information from your assessments, assignments, and text. Comment
on how this will satisfy your practical needs in life, your passion, and
personal satisfaction how do you feel and think about these careers?

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