Career Management Policies Report


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Career Management Policies Report 2000 words
Group report: due 30th May 2013

Cover sheet: Your names, ID, Dubai Men’s College, course number & name, title of report, names of organizations researched, instructor name, date

Introduction: The importance of career planning and development
Why is it important to focus on employees’ career development? This discussion should be based on both the employer and the employee’s perspectives. Good marks will be given to those groups who also include international perspectives.

Case study: company information
Analyze 2 companies to study their policies on career development.
In this section, provide a profile of each company including the following information: mission, vision, organization structure, work force, sector, activities and any other relevant information.

Case study: workforce planning & staffing
Discuss your chosen organizations’ career management programs and how they support their mission and vision. In particular, discuss the organizational policies related to early, middle and late career stages.

Discuss the role of employee, manager and the organization in the career planning process. How does the organization attract, retain and integrate talent, and forecast future staffing needs?

Case study: the role of learning and development
In your chosen organizations, what are the roles of employee, manager and the organization in supporting employee learning and development? How are competencies identified? What tools/methods are used to identify and develop the competencies? What career exploration opportunities are there for employees?

Case study: the role of performance management
How are individuals’ goals set and measured in your chosen organizations? How are they aligned with the organizations’ goals? How does the organization recognize excellence?

Case study: the role of employee relations
What is the role of employee relations in career management in your chosen organizations? Consider the following:
• Coaching and counselling
• Work-life programs
• Creating and maintaining employee morale
• Managing diversity

Case study: individual career plans
Interview 2 employees from the chosen organizations but make sure that their jobs belong to different job families. Identify the job ladders for these jobs and discuss what steps the employee, the manager and the organization has taken to develop their career plans.

Conclusions and recommendations
You have looked at the chosen companies’ policies on career development and planning. What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses in each company’s approach towards employees’ career development? What recommendations /suggestions can you offer these organizations? What did you learn from this research? Do you think it will help you professionally? Explain your answer.

Please include any relevant (non-confidential) supporting documents in the appendix. This is not assessed.


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