Canadian government launched an active electronic immigration recruitment system called Express Entry

As it is already well known, on January 1st, 2015 the Canadian government launched an active
electronic immigration recruitment system called Express Entry in order to manage applications
for permanent residence under the Federal Skilled Workers Program, the Federal Skilled Trade
Program, the Canadian Experience Class, and a certain portion of the Provincial Nominee
Program in order to meet local labour market needs.
Your task for this assignment will be to explain how candidates will be ranked and selected,
based on their skills and experience, and how these factors are linked to success in the
Canadian economy. You should also discuss what the benefits of this new electronic and active
recruitment system are, and what the disadvantages are. In addition, you should discuss how
the Express Entry is going to affect the management of applications in above mentioned
programs that are part of the Economic Class. Furthermore, you should explore will there be a
cup on the number of candidates admitted to the Express Entry Pool? Will Express Entry change
immigration program requirements? What is the time frame for the application? What are
applicable fees? Must the fee for the LMIA be always paid? If not, under which circumstances
the fee for the LMIA is not required.
This is just a general Guideline for your assignment not a questioner that should be answer in a
pint form. As a matter of fact, your task is to write your assignment in the form of an academic
essay with a good introduction, supporting paragraphs and strong conclusion – which you
cannot finish with some quote, or introduce a new ideas in it, or extensively repeat what you
have already written; in your conclusion you should summarise what you wrote about in your
Last but not least, you have to demonstrate a good researching skills, critical and original
thinking. Remember that our College is very strict in regard to the plagiarism. Every assignment
that it is not your own original piece of work will be graded with a zero.
Your essay should be written in minimum 500 words, and maximum 1000 words.
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