Business Team Strategy

Project description

Banderie, Inc is located and incorporated in the Indiana with its headquarters and primary manufacturing and distribution facilities located in historic Wannabebig on

the banks of the beautiful Lake Wowowow is noted for its longstanding family histories and values. Banderie is the biggest employer in the area and most of the

company’s employees (and retirees and family members) own stock in the company as a result of an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) that was established when the

company was formed. Employees are loyal and many of the local families’ financial futures are tied to the success of Banderie.

Banderie serves the medium/high technology OEM (original equipment manufacturing) sensor industry that has seen a consistent average annual growth rate of 15%.

Banderie was one of the six companies that was established when the sensor industry was deregulated and picked up most of the Midwestern facilities that had focused on

the automotive and medical instrumentation markets that had a high presence in Indiana and the surrounding states. The patents, product development capabilities, and

sales and distribution channels that Banderie acquired served primarily these market and geographic segments – although the company produced and served customers in

all sensor segments (equally with the other six competitors) as a result of the decentralized strategy of the original company and pursuant to the deregulation


The company’s management, known as the ‘Kelley Dream Team’, have strong business backgrounds and loyalty to Indiana where most grew up and completed their education.

However, Banderie did inherit limited specialized technical resources and the shortage of both development and manufacturing engineering talent may be the major

constraint limiting Banderie’s growth. Banderie has solid distribution channels and sales support for it automotive and instrumentation markets segments, but these

have become limiting factors for supporting the other market segments that have are more dispersed geographically.

our strategy is broad differentiator strategy maintains a presence in every segment of the market . the company will gain a competitive advantage by distinguishing

products with an excellent design , high awareness and easy accessibilty . the company will develop an r&d competency that keeps designs fresh and exciting . product

keep pace with the market , offering improved size and performance .prices will be above average . capacity will be expanded as higher demand is generated .
mission statement
premium products for the industry :our brands withstand the test of time . our primary stakeholders are customers , stockholders, management and employees,

we used capsim web sit so our company it’s not real
the name of company Erie

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