: Business Project

Topic: Business Project
Order Description
To Writer: This is a very important task, so please read the instruction carefully! You must follow and meet all the requirements and use the structure I request in the instruction! (MORE DETAIL IN TASK INSTRUCTION FILE)

Task Overview:
This project uses a major Australian organisation as a case study (materials supplied).

Brief description: Report

1. Part A (25%) – Application of the Strategic Management Cycle Framework
2. Part B (15%) – Application of “Specialist” knowledge to a chosen issue

Part A:
You will take on the role of “strategic consultant” and apply the general strategic framework explored in this unit to the organisation to develop a strategic business plan.

Part B:
You will take the role of a “specialist” utilising the knowledge you have acquired within your Masters’ program to demonstrate how this specialist knowledge can add value to the organisation.

This part of the report is an opportunity for you to further develop a particular issue that may have been identified in your Part A analysis, but which now may benefit from further, more detailed, analysis, investigation or discussion using your specialist viewpoint. It needs to be an issue that may potentially impact, either positively or negatively, the future success of the organisation.

It may be, for example, a developing issue in the macroeconomy or a variable arising from changes in the social environment that may impact stakeholder expectations somehow in the years ahead.

It may be, alternatively, an issue concerned with internal organisation factors that may impact future strategic success, for example, skills or capability issues.

The issue you identify needs to be relevant to your specialisation and needs to be relevant to the case organisation – this is how you are demonstrating your value.

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