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The project is based on a process model program.

This assignment requires you to personalize the Help Desk 2 demo file (which comes with the PM software — in the Models folder) and generate several printed output

reports to submit in class when due (see the Course Syllabus for due date).

You will be using the PM Tutorial (PM Lab Manual) for this assignment.  Specifically, open the manual to page 37 of the PM Tutorial and follow the instructions to open

the Help Desk 2 file on your computer.  After you open the file and see the model shown on the top of page 42 on your computer screen, proceed as follows:

1.  Change the resource name “Support 1” to “yourname 1”.  For example, if your name was Harry Bentley, you would change the resource name to “Harry 1”.

2.  Change the resource name “Support 2” to “yourname 2”.  Continuing the above example, you would change the resource name to “Bentley 2”.

(Note:  Do not submit work for Harry and Bentley unless your name is actually Harry Bentley.)

3.  Print the output report described on the bottom of page 45 and, using a pen or pencil, circle the “% Utilization” which shows your names.  Also, manually calculate

the efficiency of this process (VA/Cycle) and write it on your printout next to the summary.  Also, label this printout as Printout A in the upper right corner of the

printout (again, using pen or pencil).

(Note:  Printing the output report is described in detail in pages 44 – 46.)

4.  Continue to make all the changes described in pages 46 thru 60.  Then print the output report again and, once more, circle the “% Utilization” which shows your

names.  Also, manually calculate the efficiency of this process (VA/Cycle) and write it on your printout next to the summary.  Also, label this printout as Printout B

in the upper right corner (use pen or pencil).

5.  On the bottom of Printout B, using pen or pencil, briefly describe what caused the “% Utilization” to change from Printout A to Printout B.

6.  Print out your personally-designed Cover Sheet which contains the following information:  GB310-“your section #”, your name, project due date, date your submitted

assignment in class.  Assemble your work, Cover Page first, followed by Printout A and Printout B, and staple in the upper left corner.

(Note:  The key to doing well on this assignment is following instructions and paying attention to detail.)

ProcessModel (PM) Instructions
FALL 2014

Process Model can be installed on your personal computer (Windows or Mac with a Windows partition (see below)).


You can download a free 14-day trial version to test that the software works on your computer. If the installation is successful and you can run a PM model, then,

before the trial version expires, you should purchase a 120-day license for ProcessModel (the cost is ~$25 on your credit card) and license the software automatically

after the purchase. Purchasing the license after the trial version expires requires manual processing, and you may have to wait several business days to receive the

license. Therefore, if you expect to have PM assignments and projects due after the 14-day trial expiration date, you are advised to purchase the license and license

the software immediately after installing the trial version and testing it.

Process Model will only work on a MAC with a Windows partition using VM Fusion
VM Fusion must be downloaded locally.  Please contact Client Services for instructions and assistance for installing VM Fusion and Windows on your Mac.

Process Model is installed on all library and Acelab computers, if you decide not to use VM Fusion.

PM Support – PM and MAC (with VM Fusion)


If you have problems with the installation of the free trial version (i.e. PM will not start ), use ProcessModel on campus  (it is installed on all library computers,

the Acelab and the Acelab classroom, and in the SMI computer classrooms).

For any PM purchasing and licensing problems, or if you encounter PM errors (i.e. PM will not start or has an error message) after licensing, email

Provide your name and section, email address used for the PM purchase, the date of the purchase, a description of the error and details on what happened after

installation, and screen shots (if possible) of the error. Depending on your issue, replies and problem resolution can take several business days, so please be


For use / modeling questions, contact your instructor and the designated course assistant(s )in the ACE lab  (see your course Blackboard site and/or your instructor

for contact information).

Instructions for installing PM (PC and MAC with PC virtual desktop – VM Fusion):
Installation & licensing requires administrator rights.
You will need to download, install, and test the software.
If the test is successful, then purchase a license and license your PM copy before the 14-day trial expires.

1.    DOWNLOAD the trial version of PM by cutting and pasting this link you’re your browser
a)    Click Save to save the file on your computer (remember the location); the file size should be 142MB if the download was successful.
b)    Note: If this link does not work, try again at a later time. If you continue to have problems, contact You may also choose to follow the

purchasing instructions from steps 5&6 below and download the trial version from the PM website after paying the required fee (in this case you will also receive the

license for the software, to extend the use to 120 days). .
2. INSTALL PM: Open (double-click) the downloaded zip file, double-click ProcessModel Setup.exe and follow the prompts.
3. START PM: Start ProcessModel with **local administrator rights**: Right click on the ProcessModel icon, click ‘Run as Administrator.’
4. TEST PM: Test the install by simulating any model. If you see animation the install is successful.
a)    Open a model (File/Open and select any model). From the Simulation menu, select Save and Simulate. Wait a few moments for the simulation to start.
b)    If the model simulates then Process Model is installed correctly (you should see things moving on the screen, and get a simulation  results message at the end)
c)    If the model does not simulate or you cannot get past error messages after clicking OK and re-starting PM, then plan to use PM on campus (see above). Do not

proceed to the purchase & license steps.
5. PURCHASE a 120-day PM license ($25 via credit card)
a)    Go to , and choose from the menu: Solutions -> Academic -> Student Package (or go to

and choose Student Package)
b)    Enter the FALL 2014  Bentley University code: t7g71N7M and click login.
c)    Follow the instructions to enter the payment information and purchase the software
a.    Download and licensing instructions will also be sent to you in an email from process model. Check your SPAM or JUNK mail folders if you do not see a

ProcessModel confirmation email for the purchase.
b.    Do not download or install the software  again if you already have a trial version (even if it is expired)
6. LICENSE PM: To license ProcessModel start ProcessModel with **local administrator rights: Right click on the ProcessModel icon, click ‘Run as Administrator.’. Then

click Tools License Change License, and use your email address ( to generate a license. In case of licensing problems, email

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