Business Going Offshore In Order To Reduce Operating Costs

Order Description
The task required is within the file attached, however, I would like to clarify some additional points:

1) Considering the assignment is based on comparison, my home country is (U.S.A.), therefore you need to pull the required country information in order for comparison.
2) The 4 countries in the paper, I must chose one, however before making the selection I must compare all 4 against each other and then make my conclusion.
3) The format of the essay is:
1. Introduction
1.1 Aims of the report
1.2 Scope
1.3 Problem Background
1.4 Outsourcing versus off-shoring
1.5 Arguments in favor of off-shoring
1.6 Arguments against off-shoring
1.7 Definition of technical terms (if any)

2. Managing Risk

3. Choice of Location
3.1 Issues affecting choice
3.2 China
3.3 India
3.4 Philippines
3.5 Canada
3.6 Alternative U.S. location (outsourcing)

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