Business Capstone 2;

Industry Research Report Overview (Race Cars)

The research report will require careful examination of the current structure and performance of the industry. Based on this research, there must be identification of

a specific business opportunity that exists within the industry. More than one opportunity may be examined if they are complementary.

Please note, these are DISCUSSION POINTS ONLY to kick start your thinking. Do NOT simply answer each issue with short statements. I am looking for an in-depth analysis

of the industry.

If you have questions or are unclear on the expectations for this assignment, contact me WELL in advance of the deadline.

The key to a strong industry report is a focus on the INDUSTRY itself and not on a proposed solution.
The second key is to provide meaningful analysis and not just report the facts or data

•    Summary Statement and Abstract
•    The summary focuses on the purpose and objectives of the research project
•    This section MUST provide a scope for the research project
•    Provide an overview of the project you are undertaking and the benefits it should provide an organization
•    Do NOT focus on your proposed solution

•    Situation Analysis
•    What are the key issues/challenges/opportunities facing the industry?
•    What are the underlying causes?
•    What are the KEY SUCCESS FACTORS in the industry
•    Are these stable or changing?
•    What are the drivers and rate of change in the industry
Industry Analysis
•    Industry Overview
•    Structure and Performance
•    Size of industry
•    Profit margins
•    Economic/Market structure
•    Seasonality (if any)
•    Sensitivity to economic cycles
•    This must include Porter’s Five Forces
•    Stage of Product/Industry Lifecycle
•    Environmental Analysis (PEST)
•    Recent (past) trends in the industry
•    Future Directions

•    Market Analysis
•    Focus your discussion on the market that will most likely be impacted by the opportunity or problem being addresses
•    Who is the target market
•    Is this a B2C or B2B market
•    Undertake a demographic analysis
•    Undertake a psychographic analysis
•    Discuss and analyse consumer behaviour
•    Benefits sought (or problem solved) from the industry
•    Where do they find information on the product
•    Price value equation
•    Distribution (supply chain) channels in the industry
•    Prevalent marketing strategies in the industry

•    Competitive Analysis
•    Who are the major players in the industry
•    Who are the strongest and weakest
•    Which companies are adapting to the changes in the industry
•    Who needs to change the most (or fastest)
•    Where are they located
•    What is their market share (what is the trend)
•    What makes them successful?
•    What are their core and distinctive competencies
•    What is their sustainable competitive advantage

•    Completed Project Plan
•    Identify all of the activities, required to complete the final project successfully.
•    Assign both deadlines and owners to each activity

•    Bibliography

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