business analysis

Project description
Module requirements

The module requires an in-depth analysis of one industry. This should be a revision of the

previous report which has been submitted. The report should not exceed 20 pages of

Arial font, 11 pitch, 1.5 line spacing with 1 inch (2.5cm) margin all around. This limit

should include the main body of the text and all appendices. Contents page and references/

bibliography can be additional to this. If this page count is exceeded, a mark will be awarded

purely on the first 25 pages.

Module Outline

Choose any one industry (or in case of a large industry a business sector). Analyse its business

environment and competitive arena. Assess whether the industry is in a strong position or


A suggested outline for the report could be as follows:

1. Introduction – What is the study trying to achieve? Why did you choose a particular


2. Industry sector – background, size, developments etc. over the past 5 years

A PEST (or similar) analysis: Political, Economic, Social, Technological. Consider

the big issues of the moment and future implications and analyse the effects of the

external environment on the industry.

3. Evaluation of the competitive nature of the industry using Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis.

Identification of 3 – 4 competitors within the industry and their competitive

strategies. Highlight how the remote environment and competitive arena has an

effect on the players within the industry and look at how they have responded to

these external factors.

4. Conclusion – Your analysis of the strength of the industry at the present time and

thoughts for the future success. (N.B. A SWOT analysis is not necessary at this

point as this can form the start of a follow-on project you will be applying strategies

to one particular company within your industry, depending on the MSc programme


5. Appendices – including: – critical evaluation of techniques used

– academic debate on the techniques

– any other data that would spoil the flow of the project

6. References – should be strictly adhered to as shown in

appendix A

if it were put into the main section.

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