Broccoli targets late stage cancer enzyme



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I will provide details of the assignment below along with the questions that need to be answered:

In this assignment, you will write an essay about foods that can possibly treat and/or prevent cancer.


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Broccoli Compound Targets Key Enzyme in Late-Stage Cancer

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Write an essay that covers the topics listed below. Use the article and the textbook as resources.

What is the compound in broccoli that is undergoing clinical trials for cancer treatment, and what is the proposed method by which it can treat cancer? What is the role of metabolism in these trials? Be specific in your answers.
The compound mentioned in the article has been found to disrupt enzyme activity. What are other factors that contribute to the activity of an enzyme?
If the research in this article is proven to be a viable option to treat cancer, how would this affect your life, or even the lives of everyone?
Find another example of a food product that may be a viable option to treat or prevent cancer.

Your paper must be double-spaced, have a 12-point font, have 1-inch margins, and should include your name at the top of the first page. Proofread your paper to eliminate mechanical and grammatical errors. For citations, follow APA format.

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