British Literature

Paper details

This is a 5-7 page, primary and secondary sourced paper that includes at least 5 academic sources. You must use MLA for formatting, in text documentation, and works cited as you explore a specific and significant argument, not a discussion, in a formal tone.
Examine the role of women in Frankenstein, meaningfully comparing and/or contrasting the function of women to the function of the major male characters set against Mary Shelley’s personal life as the daughter of Mary Wolstonecraft in the Romantic revolution. Be sure that you take a position–i.e., find an argument after you look at women in the novel and Mary’s biography. Be sure you consider Mary’s mother and the influence her thinking had to have had on Mary. Does Mary’s life demonstrate her mother’s ideas of women and their role in society? How so or how not? Is Mary a feminist? Are the characters in her novel feminists?

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