Briefly summarise the nature ofthe issue/s f f

Outline the evidence base relatingto this health indicator/s

Include a

comparison between urban and rural communities

Identify how the rural environment is impacting on these identified differentials

Include different age groups eg. adolescents, adults, retirees

Take into consideration information relating to the profile of rural f f f f f

Australians, the rural economy and environment and some ofthe issues around rural social policy and social care in rural

co mmunities.

Assessment Criteria:

j Illustrate a capacity to analyse the keyfindings and insights relevant to the chosen


Illustrate a capacity to highlight the impact of rural/metropolitan differentials on health outcomes

Provide evidence of

good re search skills indicating that the student has canv assed a variety of current source material on the topic including peer reviewed
journals and data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics

Be presented neatly in a clear and logical manner in report stale in the f f f

student’s own words with any quotations clearly acknowledged. ithin this assessment criterion requirement students must meet word length
requirements, proof read for errors and accurately reference according to the approvedAPA APA5.0 style, see link to website:
http:/ x#In-Text

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