Book Report/Review, Business.


Project description
Read Case 15.1 on pages 364-368 of the text.

Describe what is well done on the questionnaire, and identify areas in which it might be strengthened with regard to design and wording.
What is the significance of the decisions made about design and wording?
How might changes to this questionnaire better reflect its objectives?
Next, design eight additional questions that you, as a researcher working on this project, might ask. Include both open-ended and fixed-alternative questions. Describe

what options you considered when developing these questions.

Please see Case 15.1 attached. Some parts of the questionnaire may be too light and hard to read, but this was as good as I could do when printing and scanning the

pages from the book. If you can’t read all of the attached pages, just do the best you can to complete the assignment anyway. Please type paper in APA format,

including a cover page and reference page.

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