book report and analysis

Paper instructions:
i just need the first part
the summary of the book,3 selected concepts, one of them explained as given in instructions by instructor
0 Use of the socio-cultural perspective th- 1 » a ‘ I v
perspective , C socia pcrspectn e, may be the biological
OVe3’3“a for example, hypothetically
The 3 following concepts could be used to analyze the main character:
0 her pattern of dysfunctional behaviors (personality)
0 The stressors in her life (environment)
0 Influence other have on her (relationships with family and friends)

For this specific example, you can find information in your textbook on the psychological
disorders, Stress and health, and Social psychology chapters.

Furthennore, any theory, if applicable, will be welcome to provide a better explanation
Hypothetically, the behavioral perspective or the psychoanalytic theory could provide good

insight into the dysfunctional behaviors of the main character.
C. Third Section
a. Give your opinion about the book. Did you like it] not like it? Why? Did you
learn anything? Do you agree with the main character? What else could she/he have
Be creative here in your criticism.
b. Conclusion:
Your paper should end with a concluding paragraph that summarizes and integrates your
3 concepts.
Last paragraph and conclusion should be 1 page
Suggestions to write the paper:
Be careful to avoid simplistic observation (“this guy was crazy” or “they were in love”)

Support your assertions with evidence (facts, descriptions, parts of the story and examples from
the book). For each concept give ample evidence to substantiate your analysis.

Be thorough, and specific. When you discuss a concept, first attribute it to his/her
author, then define or explain it in your own words as it is understood by his author in the
textbook. Third, provide several pieces of evidence found in your fiction book.

Assume that the audience reading your paper has the same background as you had before
you began taking this course»-don’t assume that the reader has a Ph.D. in Psychology.




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