biophysical attributes

For the area and development identified in assignment 1:

1. Outline the biophysical attributes (e.g. climate, geology, soils, vegetation, water, fauna resources) of either the development site or your selected locality/shire/region. Ensure that your discussion includes those attributes that are affected by the development or have impacts on the development due to construction. Where appropriate, include maps of the various attributes.
(1200 words)

2. Identify the major degradation issues that have arisen (or could be expected to arise) from the development. In your answer, explain the processes that have led to this degradation (e.g. building the dam has reduced flooding and hence, reduced the fish populations and fertility of the surrounding soils).
(800 words)

3. Propose strategies to mitigate or reduce the degradation issues identified above. These strategies should address the fundamental causes of the degradation but also should be practical with respect to technology, economics and societal preferences. If you are discussing a proposed development, you may like to suggest alternative proposals.
(800 words)

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