Barbara Jane Reyes For the City that Nearly Broke Me (2012) Joel Barraquiel Tan Type O Negative (2009)

The Nuroyasian Anthology (1999)
Ed Lin This is a Bust (2007)
Henry Chang Chinatown Beat (2007)
Evelyn Lau Runaway: Diary of a Streetkid (1996)

Frank Chin’s “Back-Talk” which explores the notion of what Asian American literature can be. Using a variety of novels and poetry, explore how each author upholds or challenges the reader’s idea of what constitutes Asian American literature. In other words, what is the “blueprint” for Asian American literature? How does each author challenge or uphold the “blueprint?”

two novels that can be described as “masculine.” As a result, depictions of women may be considered negative. Granted this, how does authorship and gender manifest in one’s literary offerings? Using Evelyn Lau’s “Runaway” and Barbara Jane Reyes’ “For the City that Nearly Broke Me” explore how each author employs gender in their work. In other words, how does Evelyn and Barbara’s work differ from Lin and Chang’s?

poetry exploring similar albeit different experiences tracing lineage to the Philippines. Using various poems by Joel and Barbara, compare and contrast the differing approaches in terms of representations of the homeland and identity. In other words, how does each author portray the Philippines and various aspects of identity? How are they similar? Different?

two detective novels featuring Chinese American male protagonists. Using Ed Lin’s “This is a Bust” and Henry Chang’s “Chinatown Beat” explore the similarities and differences between Jack Yu and Robert Chow. What are the shared experiences of growing up in Chinatown, New York? What are the struggles they face? How are their personalities similar? Different?

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